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1.  Exercise safe gun handling practices at all times.

2.  Keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction..

3.  Avoid an accidental discharge by keeping fingers outside the trigger guard until ready to fire.

4.  Ensure that no shots stray outside the backstop area of the range.

5.  Know where others are at all times.

6.  Unload, open action, remove magazine and rounds/ bench all firearms during a cease fire.

7.  DO NOT handle any firearms or stand at the firing line where firearms are present while others are down range.

8. Be certain the ammunition matches the firearm being used.

9. Wear appropriate eye and hearing protection.


1. Be prepared to produce membership card, you will be asked to leave without it.

2. Members may bring only I guest per visit, guest can only visit once.

ARTICLE XIV: Only during club sponsored events will non-members be allowed to shoot.

3.    Members are responsible for their guest.

4.    Members or their guest who violate the range rules will be asked to leave and may face expulsion from the club.

5.    Shooting hours are from 8:00 am to 1/2 hour before sunset.

6.    NO drugs or alcohol on the range.

7.  Paper or officer approved targets only. NO glass targets! No stumps/ logs are to be placed on the range.

8. Do NOT shoot any part of the target support system.

9.  Pick up ammo boxes, brass, cardboard/ paper targets, etc. from your shooting session  and place in the trash can .

10.         Gate is to be locked at all times, except during club sponsored events.



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